Word Craze Level 47

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Word Craze 47

  • A picture taken by a camera : PHOTOGRAPH

  • Boxers and other fighters train by striking this stuffed cylindrical container : PUNCHINGBAG

  • This actor won his first Oscar for the movie "The _________" : REVENANT

  • "Goldilocks and the _____ _____" is a fairy tale featuring porridge that is too hot, too cold, and just right! : THREEBEARS

  • Famous folk tale heroine who wore glass slippers : CINDERELLA

  • Household device that emits a loud sound in the event of a fire : SMOKEALARM

  • Famed Italian sculptor responsible for "David" and painting the Sistine Chapel : MICHELANGELO

  • What is this phrase meaning "in summary"? : INANUTSHELL

  • An elegant writing implement with a nib : FOUNTAINPEN

  • What kind of edible house is this? : GINGERBREAD

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