Word Craze Level 470

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Word Craze 470

  • Scarlett __________, US actress who portrays Black Widow in Marvel movies : JOHANSSON

  • The surname in #1 is a common last name in this Nordic country : SWEDEN

  • The flag of #2 has a blue background with a cross of this color : YELLOW

  • Generic trademark used to describe tissue paper : KLEENEX

  • What is this term of childhood romance? : PUPPYLOVE

  • Heated corn kernels usually eaten at the movies : POPCORN

  • Appliance often used to make #6 : MICROWAVE

  • Quality _________ ensures that a company's products meet the standards for acceptability : ASSURANCE

  • The _______ of Solitude is Superman's personal headquarters : FORTRESS

  • The Tower of _____ is a famous UK tourist spot and example of #9 : LONDON

  • This person oddly has two of which body part? : RIGHTHAND

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