Word Craze Level 483

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Word Craze 483

  • "The Adventures of Tom ______", a novel by Mark Twain : SAWYER

  • The real name of the author of #1 is Samuel Clemons; Mark Twain is his ___ ____ : PENNAME

  • The largest social network in the world : FACEBOOK

  • Jesse ________ played the founder of #3 in the 2010 film "Social Network" : EISENBERG

  • Involuntary muscle spasms, often occurring in the hands : TREMOR

  • A #5 is another name for this natural disaster : EARTHQUAKE

  • What gems will this combination produce? : PEARLS

  • The ______ countries conventionally include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden : NORDIC

  • The #8 countries are all located in this continent : EUROPE

  • There are this many countries in #9 : FORTYFOUR

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