Word Craze Level 487

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Word Craze 487

  • An ________ machine is a type of calculator used in bookkeeping : ADDING

  • What is this sport's game special intermission? : KISSCAM

  • Main competitor to Coca-Cola : PEPSI

  • This cartoon character's wife, Marge, has blue hair and a husky voice : HOMER

  • Messaging service acquired by Facebook; has a green logo : WHATSAPP

  • What is he sliding on? : BANISTER

  • What is this playground for children called? : SANDBOX

  • Feeling of great distress that loves company : MISERY

  • "Good things comes in small ________" : PACKAGES

  • R&B singer with songs like “You Got It Bad” and “Confessions” : USHER

  • When meeting a new person, you might _____ their hand : SHAKE

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger played this character in Joel Schumacher's "Batman & Robin" : MRFREEZE

  • Subway system in a city : METRO

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