Word Craze Level 499

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Word Craze 499

  • A food item's _______ facts tell you how many vitamins and minerals it has : NUTRITION

  • Lionel Messi plays for this Spanish team : BARCELONA

  • Son of the Elven king Thranduil in the Lord of the Rings series; played by Orlando Bloom : LEGOLAS

  • A very intense headache : MIGRAINE

  • What meat is this pizza topped with? : PEPPERONI

  • Black substance used to pave roads : ASPHALT

  • People who believe the best result will occur, even if it's unlikely : IDEALISTS

  • A balloon gets bigger as it ________ : INFLATES

  • To express regret and say sorry : APOLOGIZE

  • Headwear that might be seen on a person's head during the Wild West : COWBOYHAT

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