Word Craze Level 506

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Word Craze 506

  • Caracas is the capital of this South American country; one of the world's largest exporters of oil and telenovelas : VENEZUELA

  • A measure of the number of people living in #1, for example : POPULATION

  • What are these eye-catching titles for news reports? : HEADLINES

  • Famous people who may appear in #3 : CELEBRITIES

  • A _______ line is perpendicular to a vertical line : HORIZONTAL

  • Assuming a #5 position : LYINGDOWN

  • What is this UK newspaper? : DAILYMAIL

  • Photographers working for #7, say : PAPARAZZI

  • A _________ teacher steps in when the regular teacher is unavailable : SUBSTITUTE

  • People who #9 meat in their diet for plant-based products : VEGETARIANS

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