Word Craze Level 511

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Word Craze 511

  • Filling in a baked turkey : STUFFING

  • Planet in our solar system with rings larger than Saturn's : JUPITER

  • What is this essential computing component? : MICROCHIP

  • One of the highest ranks in the military : GENERAL

  • A language spoken by Dutch descendants in South Africa : AFRIKAANS

  • Which shaker is empty? : PEPPER

  • The "A" in LGBTQA+ stands for this : ASEXUAL

  • Rocky Balboa was also known as "The _______ Stallion" : ITALIAN

  • Place to refuel and change tires during a car race : PITSTOP

  • To punish someone on behalf of the person harmed : AVENGE

  • "What ain't no country I ever heard of! They speak English in What?" - Samuel L. _______ : JACKSON

  • Treat made of colorful, flavored ice shavings : SLUSHIE

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