Word Craze Level 515

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Word Craze 515

  • What is this seafood dish? : CALAMARI

  • Robert De Niro won an Oscar for his role as a fighter in the film "______ ____" : RAGINGBULL

  • Surname of the director Martin of movies such as "#2", "Goodfellas", and "The Irishman" : SCORSESE

  • Surname of the actor Leonardo who collaborated with #3 on five films, including "The Aviator" : DICAPRIO

  • The continent around the South Pole : ANTARCTICA

  • A half of the Earth or another planet; #5 is located in the southern one : HEMISPHERE

  • Flightless seabirds that live in #5 : PENGUINS

  • Social science focused on the allocation of resources and supply and demand : ECONOMICS

  • " " are called _______ marks : QUOTATION

  • The shape of the new moon : CRESCENT

  • Famous French pastry shaped like a #9 : CROISSANT

  • The practice of gathering financial support for a cause : FUNDRAISING

  • What is this aquatic animal? : RIBBONFISH

  • Soft, sanitary paper wrapped a roll; a bathroom staple : TOILETPAPER

  • Tending toward confrontation or violence : AGGRESSIVE

  • The "e" in e-mail stands for __________ : ELECTRONIC

  • Person's name written on a line; can be #16 or wet : SIGNATURE

  • What is this old audio recording medium? : CASSETTE

  • A bridge where a road or railway line goes above another : OVERPASS

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