Word Craze Level 519

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Word Craze 519

  • What forecast is based on these? : HOROSCOPE

  • Month split between Aquarius and Pisces, according to #1 : FEBRUARY

  • Large piece of furniture found in bedrooms where clothes are stored : WARDROBE

  • Large hamster-like pet; also a term for the subject of an experiment : GUINEAPIG

  • Someone qualified to run an experiment on a #4, say : SCIENTIST

  • What is this tabletop game? : BATTLESHIP

  • Canadian actor who starred in "The Matrix" : KEANUREEVES

  • #7's played this character who got revenge for his dog : JOHNWICK

  • Someone with intense love and admiration for themselves : NARCISSIST

  • Private or public car path that one must pay a fee to drive on : TOLLROAD

  • Easy on the eye; very pretty or appealing : BEAUTIFUL

  • Pruning overgrown or dead sections of a plant : TRIMMING

  • Electrical impulses from one's gray matter : BRAINWAVES

  • Synchronized #13 help us focus our attention so as to prevent us from becoming this : DISTRACTED

  • What is this type of mobile phone contract? : DATAPLAN

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