Word Craze Level 520

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Word Craze 520

  • US automaker that is currently a part of GM; originally founded from the remnants of the Henry Ford Company : CADILLAC

  • Fruit that has the color of the sky : BLUEBERRY

  • What is the child's relationship to her? : DAUGHTER

  • Having a long-lasting quality : PERMANENCE

  • _____ Confessional is a US band that sang "Screaming Infidelities" : DASHBOARD

  • Chinese belief that the way objects are placed affects your success : FENGSHUI

  • Any object that is able to catch fire : FLAMMABLE

  • Extinct shark that may have been the largest ever : MEGALODON

  • Totally, without limitation; without question : ABSOLUTELY

  • Story time monster used to scare children into good behavior : BOGEYMAN

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