Word Craze Level 524

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Word Craze 524

  • Game official who ensures the rules are followed : REFEREE

  • Emergency workers who are charged with keeping the peace : POLICE

  • "The #2" were an English ____ ____ (music group of a certain genre), with Sting as the lead vocalist : ROCKBAND

  • An American #3 behind the hits "It's My Life" and "Livin' On a Prayer", named after its lead singer Jon : BONJOVI

  • Mac 'n' ______ : CHEESE

  • Popular type of #5 recognizable by its off-white (or orange with colorings) color : CHEDDAR

  • What is this animal vocalization? : BIRDCALL

  • In English, the class of words that modify "action" words : ADVERBS

  • US film starring Jack Nicholson, "____ ____ Over the Cuckoo's Nest" : ONEFLEW

  • The number of cards in a full deck of playing cards : FIFTYTWO

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