Word Craze Level 527

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Word Craze 527

  • : DOME

  • [Anagram] Choose your ____ of travel: by air, water, or land : MODE

  • [Amend] "You ____ your bed, now lie in it" : MADE

  • [Amend] Suffice following "class", "crew", or "cell" : MATE

  • [Anagram] Self-referential : META

  • [Amend] Elements found in the Earth and the middle of the periodic table : METAL

  • [Amend] Set of food : MEAL

  • [Relational] Some say it's the most important #7 of the day : BREAKFAST

  • [Morph] Remove #8's "speedy" to get a "rest period" : BREAK

  • [Amend] Birth "mouth" : BEAK

  • [Amend] Easy ____ Oven : BAKE

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