Word Craze Level 54

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Word Craze 54

  • This actor stars in "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Men in Black" : WILLSMITH

  • What is this Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker movie? : RUSHHOUR

  • Cracked a bone : FRACTURED

  • Garment worn on the beach or to swim in : BATHINGSUIT

  • Quests undertaken by heroes : ADVENTURES

  • The "www." that begins a website address stands for _____ ____ Web : WORLDWIDE

  • What are the sweets added to this cocoa? : MARSHMALLOWS

  • _________ Stallone, the actor who portrayed Rambo and Rocky : SYLVESTER

  • Medically equipped vehicles that go to and from the hospital : AMBULANCES

  • Glass-half-full type of person : OPTIMIST

  • What elastic office supply item is this? : RUBBERBAND

  • A necessary part of something is this : ESSENTIAL

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