Word Craze Level 540

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Word Craze 540

  • __________ wrap, a clear stretchable film used in food packaging : CELLOPHANE

  • Handheld telescope often seen in movies about pirates : MONOCULAR

  • What is this act of demolition? : BULLDOZE

  • Done in the same way over time; able to deliver similar results over and over again : CONSISTENT

  • Competitive "shooting" sport using guns that fire round, pigment-filled capsules : PAINTBALL

  • ______ Lamar is a US rapper and a member of the group Black Hippy : KENDRICK

  • Petaled plant that always faces a light source; has seeds commonly eaten as a snack : SUNFLOWER

  • To make somebody do something under threat of exposing a secret : BLACKMAIL

  • To take away one's belongings; typically, guards and teachers do this : CONFISCATE

  • People who perform experiments and make hypothesis' in the pursuit of knowledge : SCIENTISTS

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