Word Craze Level 542

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Word Craze 542

  • HQ stands for this : HEADQUARTERS

  • The #1 for the United Nations is located here : NEWYORKCITY

  • American fashion brand with a polo player as its logo : RALPHLAUREN

  • What is this girl playing with? : DOLLHOUSE

  • What other toy is present in the picture for #4? : TEDDYBEAR

  • Toyline with the tagline "Robots in Disguise" : TRANSFORMERS

  • The villains who fight against the Autobots in #6 : DECEPTICONS

  • Director of the live-action versions of #6 : MICHAELBAY

  • On-demand, ad-free streaming service created by the Mickey Mouse company : DISNEYPLUS

  • Sony gaming console : PLAYSTATION

  • Crash ________ is a best-selling title that first appeared on the original #10 : BANDICOOT

  • What medical professional is this? : CARDIOLOGIST

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