Word Craze Level 569

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Word Craze 569

  • Genre that typically deals with futuristic settings : SCIFI

  • "Blade _____" is a classic #1 movie; techy genre : RUNNER

  • To remove a door from where it's joined to the frame : UNHINGE

  • What is the last name of these famous brothers? : WRIGHT

  • Someone might yell "Timberrrr" when they do this to a tree : CUTDOWN

  • Powered cutting tool used to perform the action in #5 : CHAINSAW

  • In the 1996 movie "Forest Warrior", Chuck _____ stops a #6 with his bare hands : NORRIS

  • What are these sandy structures called? : DUNES

  • The biome where #8 can be found : DESERT

  • Before you cut once, you should measure this many times, it's said : TWICE

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