Word Craze Level 578

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Word Craze 578

  • "See you later, _________", is cute way to say good-bye : ALLIGATOR

  • Animal that has a very similar appearance to #1 : CROCODILE

  • French clothing company that has a #2 as their logo : LACOSTE

  • Frozen dairy treat : ICECREAM

  • Colorful rods added to the top of a #4 : SPRINKLES

  • An extreme mental illness; craziness : INSANITY

  • On a keyboard, the four buttons arranged in an inverted T : ARROWKEYS

  • Fast-flying long-bodied insect : DRAGONFLY

  • The type of eyes that a #8 has : COMPOUND

  • In chemistry, a #9 is a substance that consists of two or more of these : ELEMENTS

  • What sports car brand has this on their logo? : LAMBORGHINI

  • To end your stay at a hotel : CHECKOUT

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