Word Craze Level 73

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Word Craze 73

  • The next step after you download an app : INSTALL

  • What is this act of exposing something to be false or untrue? : DEBUNK

  • Unpaid trainee who works for the experience : INTERN

  • Official document that protects the rights of an inventor : PATENT

  • Do this to a stress ball to help relax : SQUEEZE

  • You can add, subtract, multiply, and divide these : NUMBERS

  • Scientific field related to #6 : MATH

  • An image shot with a camera : PHOTO

  • What a group might call out while their #8 is being taken : CHEESE

  • Sweet topping for pancakes and waffle : SYRUP

  • Type of #10 and the name of the tree it's made from : MAPLE

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