Word Craze Level 78

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Word Craze 78

  • Idiomatically, this is the best medicine, but I'd get a second opinion! : LAUGHTER

  • Thumb-raisers looking for rides : HITCHHIKERS

  • What condiment goes well with these? : KETCHUP

  • Another word for drink; a liquid refreshment : BEVERAGE

  • The R in R&D : RESEARCH

  • Organs that filter blood : KIDNEYS

  • This actor is rumored to play this British superspy : JAMESBOND

  • A popular myth is that eating carrots can improve this : EYESIGHT

  • If you put things on the front lawn with price tags attached, you might be holding a ____ ____ : YARDSALE

  • Famous city in Nevada filled with casinos and other attractions : LASVEGAS

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