Word Craze Level 85

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Word Craze 85

  • "Blade ______", 1982 Sci-Fi film starring Harrison Ford : RUNNER

  • The larval form of a fly that consumes trash and other decaying matter : MAGGOT

  • Bruce Willis starred as John _____ in "Die Hard" : MCCLANE

  • Wolves, foxes, and coyotes all belong to this animal family : CANINE

  • Color of the Beatles' submarine : YELLOW

  • Gold ______, someone in a relationship just for money : DIGGER

  • ______ Carey, iconic singer with a five-octave vocal range : MARIAH

  • What are these muscles? : BICEPS

  • What is this building where horses are often kept? : STABLE

  • Separate from a spouse : DIVORCE

  • The final part of a movie, usually : CREDITS

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