Word Craze Level 86

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Word Craze 86

  • Natural water feature between Ontario and New York state : NIAGARAFALLS

  • McDonald's purchase that comes with a toy : HAPPYMEAL

  • "Royal" competitor to the company that serves the #2 : BURGERKING

  • The most important meal of the day : BREAKFAST

  • Buzz _________; Woody's co-protagonist in Pixar's Toy Story franchise : LIGHTYEAR

  • Metric alternatives to miles; There are 9.4607 x 10^12 of them in a #5 : KILOMETERS

  • Members of a squad that perform choreographed stunts and shout encouragement for a sports team : CHEERLEADERS

  • #7 might construct these triangular "structures" in their routine : PYRAMIDS

  • What kind of employment situation is this? : FREELANCE

  • Christmas sweet with red and white stripes : CANDYCANE

  • Common flavor for a #10 : PEPPERMINT

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