Word Craze Level 92

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Word Craze 92

  • Closely compacted together; high concentration : DENSE

  • Answer to a problem : SOLUTION

  • One of the tools used to symbolize the Soviet Union : HAMMER

  • What is this way of convincing someone? : PROOF

  • Cupid's projectile of love : ARROW

  • What is this literary form? : POETRY

  • A marksman with bow and arrow : ARCHER

  • Camels can have one or more of these on their back : HUMPS

  • Clicky computer equipment : MOUSE

  • Road Runner's enemy, Wile E. ____ : COYOTE

  • A message might float to you in this container : BOTTLE

  • Two-thirds of a dozen : EIGHT

  • Word formed by rearranging the letters of a different word : ANAGRAM

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