Word Craze Level 93

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Word Craze 93

  • Imaginary island where Peter Pan lives : NEVERLAND

  • Group of male adolescence who live in #1 : LOSTBOYS

  • What is this time that is the average length of a sitcom? : HALFANHOUR

  • Who is this whose destiny is to be great? : CHOSENONE

  • Former Miami Heat player whose nicknamed "The #4" : LEBRONJAMES

  • What game are they playing? : HIDEANDSEEK

  • They appear on your skin in response to excitement or very cold weather : GOOSEBUMPS

  • Author _._. _____ of #7; a series of children's horror books : RLSTINE

  • When starting #5, the person who is "it" will usually say "____ __ __, here I come!" : READYORNOT

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