Word Craze Level 95

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Word Craze 95

  • Have a realistic chance of occurring : POSSIBLE

  • What is this animal? : BLUEWHALE

  • Exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion of excitement : HYSTERIA

  • "_______ Gangster", 2007 crime drama starring Denzel Washington as criminal Frank Lucas : AMERICAN

  • A building that contains several rentable living spaces : APARTMENT

  • What is this object? : PIGGYBANK

  • Alice sat at one of these with the Mad Hatter : TEAPARTY

  • What is the first name of this British actor known for his distinctive Cockney accent? : MICHAEL

  • Exams that take place halfway through a college course : MIDTERMS

  • Famous place in Los Angeles where stars are made : HOLLYWOOD

  • An informal, spur of the moment photo : SNAPSHOT

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