Word Craze Level 97

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Word Craze 97

  • : BRAIN

  • [Relational] People who are good at using their #1 are considered to be this : SMART

  • [Relational] Reading materials that can make you #2 : BOOKS

  • [Relational] A public place to find lots of #3 : LIBRARY

  • [Relational] Rows and rows of these are in #4 : SHELVES

  • [Relational] Natural building material that #5 are often made from : WOOD

  • [Relational] #6 is used as fuel for this blazing chemical reaction : FIRE

  • [Relational] Used to put out a #7 : WATER

  • [Relational] #8 falling from the sky is called this : RAIN

  • [Relational] Heavy #9; Idea-generating session with #1 : STORM

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